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3D imprint of forest by Stefano Puliti.
SmartForest vision.png

The SmartForest Intended Impacts

SmartForest focuses on improving the forest sector in Norway. The centre aims to generate a better understanding of the forest value chain and implement digitalization to work smarter, more efficiently, and with more precision in forestry.

The efforts of SmartForest will result in a long-term, world-leading, industry-focused R&D environment focusing on enabling technologies for the digital transformation of the forest sector. This center will help improve the forest industry’s competitiveness and sustainability, ensuring the sector can thrive in the face of global challenges.

Digital technologies

Ensure that the Norwegian forest sector will be managed using leading edge digital technologies

Create innovations

Apply the emerging enabling technologies in the forest sector to create a series of innovations that can be operationalized and commercialized by the SmartForest partners

Improve value production

Improve information, increased production efficiency, improved environmental efficiency, and overall increased value production from the forest-based value chain

Improve recruitment

Improve the recruitment of professionals and young researchers in forestry

Contribute to the green shift

Contribute towards therequired green shift in the Norwegian industry by:
(1) facilitating increased value creation and international competitiveness of the Norwegian forest sector, and
(2) create the foundation for a Forest-tech sector in Norway.