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Please download the SmartForest Annual Report 2021

SmartForest Annual Report 2021 2.67MB


Summary of the Annual Report

For SmartForest, 2021 marked the first full year of operations and marked the start of a large number of new activities, collaboration, and recruitment of new colleagues. We believe that all six scientific work packages in SmartForest are now on track to producing leading scientific contributions in a close collaboration between researchers and industry partners.

All partners share great ambitions for applying technology in the forest sector in order to support sustainable forest management in Norway. We believe that the intersection of forest and technology is key for the development of a green and sustainable world and is an exceptionally interesting field of research. In short, SmartForest aims to improve the efficiency of the Norwegian forest sector by enabling a digital revolution transforming forest information, silviculture, forest operations, wood supply and the overall digital information flow in the sector. The digital transformation will be enabled by a series of innovations that will form the foundation for the development of a strong Forest-tech sector in Norway. The SmartForest consortium consist of the most important actors in the Norwegian forest sector covering the value chain from the planted seedling to the mill gate combined with leading research institutions in Norway and abroad.

We are very much looking forward to further accelerate the R&D activities in 2022 and hope that you will follow us on this exciting journey through our social media channels. Given the many stated activities in 2021, we believe that 2022 will be a marked with a large output of both scientific production and SmartForest innovations to be implemented in industry.


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