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SmartForest Open Seminar: Deep learning and AI in forestry

Highly detailed forest information is essential for adapting forestry practices to a changing climate while maintaining sustainable forestry, biodiversity, and other ecosystem services. High-density laser data from various sources (aircraft, drones, helicopters, ground-based) provide different forms of information. Within SmartForest we developed models and algorithms to identify individual trees (instance segmentation) and tree components (semantic segmentation) based on these different data sources.

In this open Seminar, we want to introduce the tools AI and deep learning are providing for acquiring forest information and transforming high-density point clouds into useful information.

Maciej WielgoszStefano Puliti and Rasmus Astrup will present examples on applications within SmartForest.


register here: https://nibio.pameldingssystem.no/ai-in-forestry#/form



Seminar start 12.00 CET – 13.30 CET

Rasmus Astrup     –    Introduction and high-density point clouds

Maciej Wielgosz   –    Deep learning, AI

Stefano Puliti        –    Applications within SmartForest

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