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This year’s fieldwork season in Våler is finally finished and it was celebrated with pizza and cake!

Congratulations and well done!

During the field work season, 1,100 field plots and approximately 35,000 trees were measured. Within SmartForest many research tasks are depending on these data – thanks to all the field workers for all their efforts.

Part of the NMBU fieldwork crew were: Simon Seljegard, Jaime Candelas Bielza, Ole Martin Bollandsås, Eirik Næsset Ramtvedt, Jostein Beseth Nordeide, Mathilde Toverød, Håkon Næss Sandum, Ingvild Ramtvedt Næsset, Magnus Barnes Eng, Bjørn-Eirik Roald, Maria Åsnes Moan, as well as Haakon Jamtli Kristiansen, Sander Huslende Alfredsen, Jon Endre Bjørnbet, Joel Karl Isak Eriksson, Yngve Swärd, Ole Jacob Bae Næss, Torbjørn Walker Ørka and Chiara Zabeo. From NIBIO, Erik Sørensen, Denis Lokhov and Hans Nyeggen contributed to the fieldwork.

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