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Open Postdoc Position at NIBIO

We are searching for a new Postdoc to join our SmartForest team at NIBIO!

Apply here by February 14th 2024

The implementation of individual log traceability offers the opportunity to leverage information about wood quality in the initial stages of the timber production chain. This facilitates the strategic distribution of logs based on the intended end product, ultimately enhancing overall value creation.

Your main responsibilities would be 

  • Development of full traceability of single trees along the forest value chain based on log characteristics
  • Prediction of internal wood quality in standing forest for an early evaluation of sawn timber quality
  • Wood quality prediction at the time of harvest: To combine harvester data, remote and proximal sensing data with site condition information to predict wood quality measurement at the mill.
  • To include log/timber quality prediction in a decision support tools for a more efficient utilization

The position is a three-year contract, and the place of work is in Ås, 30 km south of Oslo.

more information here: https://www.jobbnorge.no/en/available-jobs/job/252055/postdoc-traceability-in-the-forest-value-chain

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