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Workshop on drone assisted regeneration control with ForestSens

We hosted a workshop with our partners from Landbruksdirektoratet and forest officers from Statsforvalteren i Oslo og Viken, Statsforvalteren i Innlandet, and Åmot kommune  as part of our ongoing activities.

The session was designed to demonstrate the synergy between drone technology and our AI-driven cloud platform ForestSens (Try it!)

Participants gained experience in utilizing drones coupled with our innovative cloud platform to enhance the monitoring and analysis of forest regeneration. By integrating our deep learning seedling detection model, users can now capture and analyze detailed aerial data to assess the success of forest regeneration efforts more effectively than ever.

A big thank you to all the attendees for their participation and to our team for making this workshop a success.

We’re excited to see how these insights will empower better decision-making and contribute to more successful forest regeneration projects.

Thank you Kjersti Holt Hanssen for the pictures!

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